Why Do Small Business Owners Need A Virtual Assistant?

The Dream

So you’re a small business owner, that is pretty awesome right!? You are the boss, you get to make the decisions, work to your own schedule, actually reap the rewards of your hard work. You have built something, and it’s something to be proud of! And rightly so! Not everyone is built for running their own business and making it a success. So pour yourself a beer, or a gin & tonic, or whatever takes your fancy and say cheers to you! Well done!

The Reality..

But now for a reality check… be honest, your day to day isn’t quite as pink and fluffy as all that is it? The reality is, to achieve getting to where you are now, you are working your butt off night and day to keep it going, and as great as it is that you’re so busy and your business is growing, that little voice in your head is saying things like, “but how can I possibly take on more work, I’m working all the hours there are already”, “I need a holiday, but how can I really take any time off”, “I’m disappointed I couldn’t focus on being present at my kids birthday, but if I didn’t respond quickly to that enquiry I’d have lost business”.

Any of this sounding familiar?

You need help. I’m guessing the thought has already crossed your mind, but the idea of employing someone just doesn’t quite sit right with you, that’s why you haven’t done it. I totally get it, there’s so many factors… It’s a big commitment to find even a part time person 20hrs a week of work to do, that’s whether your business is busy or not. Renting office space and buying furniture and equipment for them is a large outlay you might not have the cash for right now. Then there’s the extra commitment of managing that person, ticking all the boxes that you have to as an employer such as health and safety checks, providing pensions, employee benefits schemes etc. And of course there’s the cost not just of their wages but employer NI, additional payroll costs from your accountant for processing, the list goes on.

When you look at it all laid out like that it’s not hard to see that taking someone on, really is quite daunting!

How to solve the problem

So what is the solution? What if there was someone out there that could offer you the help you need. Someone who could work for you for just a handful of hours a week, with the flexibility of doing more at busy times taking the strain of your to do list?

Wouldn’t it be great to hire someone who already has experience in their field, someone you could trust to “consider it done” so didn’t need “managing”. Someone who already has their own office space and equipment set up. Someone not on the payroll so no need to provide employee benefits. Someone who could pick up the daily tasks and keep your business flowing while you took a holiday or spent a day with the family not having to check your email but also not having to return to a full inbox the next day.

Sound like a good option? Then you need to hire a Virtual Assistant.

But what is a VA?

Virtual Assistant’s are usually a self employed person, sometimes a ltd company, that offer outsourced services for your business, and can be a much more valuable and less costly option than an employee, especially for small businesses.

VA’s will usually have a speciality, which can range from marketing to copy writing, financial activities to event management and travel arrangements, but most offer some general administration assistance alongside this. 

VA’s are known for their exceptional organisational skills and their ability to be flexible in not just the hours of service provided to their clients but also the scope of their workload.

Still not sure how this would work or what you might be able to outsource? Need your inbox managing and simple queries responded to, ask your VA. Not sure where to source something, ask your VA. Want to research the best local venues to hold your event but don’t have time, ask your VA. Need meeting notes typing up that you don’t have time to do yourself, ask your VA. Need a spreadsheet creating but you’re not great with excel, ask your VA. I think you see where this is going.

Could you imagine having all this help and expertise at your fingertips, as and when you need it? Could you imagine claiming back your evenings, actually relaxing on your holiday not worrying about the size of your inbox on your return? Could you imagine having more time each week to work on a growth strategy for your business? Could you imagine all this without having to take on an employee and make the commitments and sacrifices you were having those doubts about? Maybe now you can!

I am Jenny Dougall, I am a self employed virtual assistant. I pride myself on providing you and your business with high quality administration services tailored to suit your needs. Let my skills and expertise enhance and grow your business. Contact me today to book an appointment to find out more about the services I offer and how much time, money and stress I can save for you.

About Me

Hi, I’m Jenny. A Virtual Assistant based in Derbyshire. I have pulled together my skills and experience from my previous career in office work and accountancy along with my passion of helping people to create my business of helping other small business owners.

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